get used to being your own CEO.

Consider the team here at FlexWork your personal executive team. You can expect curated guidance, reliable support, and professional insight into every endeavor that is most relevant to your short and long term goals. Your best case scenario is our criteria for success. 


NFL Combine Training »

We get it: every athlete has unique training needs. There is no one-size-fits-all NFL combine training plan. We have flexible options that will empower you to get the best out of yourself regardless of your circumstances. 

on-SITE Combine Training:

Our priority is that you reach your training goals. Period. Therefore if it makes sense for you, we will work with you to coordinate on-site training.

Remote Combine Training

For your convenience, our remote combine training program gives you the option to train at selected top tier facilities with complete support from your FlexWork team. 


endorsements & Marketing »


Great personal brands don’t come out of thin air. At FlexWork, we take the time to get to know you, to ensure that we understand your personal mission, values, background, and aspirations. We will use this information to map out your path, construct who you want to be on the world stage, and define your personal brand. From the development of your public image to endorsements and licensing. The vast FlexWork network of priority relationships allows us to align you with like-minded companies, collaborators and opportunities that fit with your mission and your brand.


Financial support»


FlexWork Sports Management has alliances with well-known and trusted financial planning institutions and professionals. This means you get professional, world-class financial services ranging from financial planning and taxation advice to investment management and financial administration.

Importantly, we have seen that your financial peace of mind comes as a result of developing a partnership based on trust, mutual understanding, and clear, transparent communication throughout this process.

We will help you with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Taxation
  • Insurance Needs
  • Planned Giving
  • Banking Relationships


Philanthropy & giving back»


Everyone wants to have done something of meaning; to be able to die knowing they have left this planet a little better than when they arrived. We know your immediate priority is your career so it's easy to let the bigger picture slip. That's what we're here for. We are committed to your highest potential— not only athletically and financially, but from the broader perspective. 

We will encourage and support you to tackle your most audacious social impact goals— whether it's in your hometown or it's a universal cause that effects millions. From event planning and fundraising to media awareness and foundation development, we will help you make the difference you want to make.  


Planning for your next career»


We will work with you and our networks from the get-go to make sure you are connected, activated, and confident about your options for your post-athlete career. We will support you through retirement and into the next phase to keep the transition easy and energizing.