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I don't see my camper's name on the ticket, will my camper be able to check-in without any issues?

The purchaser's name is on the ticket, but the camper's information will populate once we scan the QR code during the check-in process.

How many campers attend a FlexWork Sports camp?
The number of campers varies from camp to camp based on venue and pro athlete.

When and how will I receive photos that were taken at the camp?
Once the camp has concluded, ALL professional photographer photos taken at the camp will be sent through the email address on record from the registration process, in seven (7) to ten (10) business days post-event.  The photos will be sent to the email that you used to register.

What should my child wear if he/she is participating in a football camp?
Campers should wear a t-shirt, shorts and athletic shoes (cleats or sneakers).

Am I able to get a personal item autographed by an athlete?
No.  The athlete’s focus, while at camp is to interact with the campers and teach them valuable skills during the experience.  For this reason, all parties involved do not allow personal items to be signed.  If you would like to receive a signed item, all athlete camp upgrades include an autographed photo.  Click here for the Camp Upgrade page - CAMPS.

Am I able to take photos of my kid(s) at the camp?
Absolutely!  It is highly encouraged for family members to take photos of their children from the designated parent area. However, please note that family members cannot take pictures on the court/field while camp is in session unless you have purchased a Parent VIP upgrade.  To view Upgrade offerings, click here - CAMPS.

Am I able to receive a refund if my child is unable to attend the camp?
Much like a ticket to a sporting event or concert, FlexWork registrations are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend the event, a registration credit can be issued for the full dollar amount of your registration. Credits are valid for one full calendar year from the date of the original event. In order to receive a credit, you must email Flexwork Sports prior to the start of the event.

What should my child wear if he/she is participating in a basketball camp?
Campers should wear a t-shirt, shorts and athletic sneakers.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch their child(ren) participate at a camp?
Of course!  All FlexWork Sports camps are a family-oriented atmosphere.  There is a designated family area at camp where family members can watch the activity.  Family members are not allowed on the court/field during the camp, unless they have purchased a Parent VIP upgrade.  This upgrade can be found by clicking here - CAMPS.

If I have more than one child participating in the camp and I would like to purchase an upgrade, do I purchase one upgrade per child?
Yes, it is one upgrade per camper. The Parent VIP upgrade is the only upgrade that includes two individuals (not including the camper).  Information on these Upgrade offering can be viewed by clicking this link - CAMPS.


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