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Senior Vice President

Neveen is responsible for facilitating ownership of customer experience excellence throughout FlexWork Sports.  Her vision for customer experience excellence is alignment to strategic customer segments’ expectations and goals, for seamless, transparent and frictionless experience that sustains mutual growth for FlexWork Sports and our prestigious partners.  Neveen influences the senior management team and business unit champions in providing seamless interactions and mutual value to customers.

Overseeing event operations, Neveen leads a small multi-faceted team on a national level to facilitate central oversight of customer experience programs and efforts company-wide, as well as centralized programs.  Via her extensive career in healthcare, Neveen has cultivated leadership expertise in change management, holistic perspectives, closed-loop systems, creativity, improvement, customer-centricity and momentum.  Centralized customer experience programs include customer research and analytics, customer relationship management and customer success, customer service and business process improvement.  This executive owns all human resources as well.

Neveen's operational excellence is directly attributed to FlexWork Sports growth and is recognized in professional circles as one of the brightest up-and-coming female executives within professional and amateur sports.  She graduated from Florida International University with honors in under and postgraduate studies.

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